What are the entry fees and payout?

The entry fees for all events are $25 per contestant for each division he or she is entering. In the team roping, we offer teams the option for the roper to pay their half of the entry fees separately. All jackpots are 80% payouts. We pay 1 money spot for every 10 entries.

How do you pay out?

If the winners pay their entry fee with a credit card or debit card, Premier Timed Events will mail a check the Monday following the close of the books. If the winner paid their entry fees via PayPal, we will send the winnings back to that PayPal account. In the case of team roping, if one member of the team pays both side of the entry fees on the same PayPal account, we will contact the other contestant to see how they would like to receive their winnings.

Is there a membership fee?

There is NO membership fee. It is free to be a member of Premier Timed Events. The only thing we need from the contestant is to fill out our membership form, so we can issue you an ID number.

Who times the runs?

Premier Timed Events will time all the runs to ensure that all runs are timed fairly. After the end of each jackpot we will post all videos and times, so everyone can see ALL results.

How do you enter?

You will enter through our website, premiertimedevents.com. Simply click on the event link for the event you want to enter and then click “ENTER NOW”. After that, you will type in the necessary ID numbers, load your 3 separate video files, select your division(s) and then pay your entry fees.

When do you enter?

Anytime between the open and close of the books. The books open every Sunday at 12:01 am and close the following Saturday at 11:59 pm. The videos must be filmed during this time frame.

So we get to pick the videos we submit?

Yes! One of the many great things about Premier Timed Events is that the constants have the ability to make as many runs as they would like and pick what they feel like are their best 3.

How do you know when the videos entered were filmed?

All videos submitted to Premier Timed Events are run thru a system that shows us all the data on the individual files (date, device type, speed of the fill film etc), so we can make sure all videos fall under the necessary requirements.

What happens if an invalid video is entered?

If it is a first time contestant to enter we will simply notify them and return the entry fee. If it is a contestant(s) or one that has had a recurring problem, we will disqualify the contestant(s) for that week without returning the entry fee and will put 100% of their entry fee into the jackpot for the other contestants.

Do you post the results and videos of each jackpot?

Yes, after each week’s jackpots we post all times, videos, and results on the website, as well as our social media pages. This way all members, contestants and fans can see the results and times.

How can you make sure everyone is who they say they are in the videos?

Just as in any other events you may attend this will be very self policing. We post all videos entered with the contestants name on each video, so with the help of the public we will know if someone is not who they say they are. We will also use old videos, personal information and social media, to help us maintain a fair and honest association for rodeo contestants of all ages around the world. If we encounter a situation in which an individual is competing as another individual, all parties associated will be banned from ever competing again.

How do you handle the classification for team roping?

Premier Timed Events issues every contestant in team roping a classification for both heading and heeling based off their ability, just as in any other association. We are not affiliated with any other number system so our contestants do not need to worry about your number being bumped in another association. Any changes to your Premier classification number will only affect your Premier classification numbers.

What are your divisions for calf roping and breakaway roping?

These events are based on contestant’s ages. Calf roping currently has 50 and over, Open, 18 and under, 13 and under.

Breakaway currently has Open, 18 and under, 13 and under, 8 and under (boys and girls).

Can I rope the same stock for all three runs?

Yes. All 3 videos submitted can have the same individual stock being roped in each video. The contestants just need to make sure it is 3 separate runs on that animal being entered.

Can I submit the same video three times?

No. Each video submitted must be a of different/separate run.

Are y’all adding more events?

Yes, we are adding ALL rodeo events over time! Stay tuned and join in as we take rodeo to the next level!!!