Premier Timed Events will be producing 5 qualifying events in the team roping for The Patriot Event. One in each of the following months: September, October, November, December, and January.  The Patriot Event will be held in Ft. Worth, TX, February 19 – 25, 2018.

Qualifying Dates:

1. September 24th – 30th
2. October 29th – November 4th
3. November 26th – December 2nd
4. December 24th – December 30th
5. January 21st – January 27th

How it’s going to work:

Everyone competing in the Premier Timed Events’ qualifiers for The Patriot Event must be a member of Premier Timed Events. Memberships are FREE and can easily be completed on the website, or over the phone at 888-271-5562.

Ropers must compete in the Premier Timed Events’ jackpots, as well as enter in The Patriot Event qualifier. Entry fees for the Premier Timed Events’ ropings are $25 per roper, per division, and the entry fee for The Patriot is $125 per roper, per division. Each team can enter each eligible roping one time per qualifier. The total entry fee to compete in the qualifier is $150 a roper (Premier entry fee + The Patriot entry fee).

Premier Timed Events’ jackpots pay out 80% and 1 money for every 10 entries. Three qualifying spots will be issued in each qualifier regardless of the number of entries. Contestants will have the opportunity to only have to pay their side of the entry fee at the time of entry. Your partner will be sent a notification via text and email to pay their half of the entry fee. If the total entry fee for the team is not received by the time the entries close, the team will be disqualified and entry fees will not be refunded.

Age Breakdown:

During the Premier Timed Events qualifiers for The Patriot Event, all team ropers will compete against each other regardless of age. When the qualifier is over, the top three teams will win a qualifying spot. All ropers over the age of 21 will be eligible for which ever roping at The Patriot Event that their TRIAD numbers makes them eligible for. If a team is under 21 one and wins a qualifying spot thru Premier Timed Events they have two options of ropings they can compete in. Depending on their TRAID numbers the winners of a qualifying spot under the age of 21 will compete in the #12 Patriot young guns roping or the Open Patriot young guns roping.

*Contestant under 21 must rope with each other and contestants 21 and over must rope with each other in the Premier Timed Events Qualifier for The Patriot Event. No crossing over on ages will be allowed for The Patriot qualifiers.

Ages do not matter in the regular Premier Timed Event jackpots.


Premier Timed Events has its own number system, we are not affiliated with any other classification system. Contestants will compete in Premier jackpots based off their Premier Timed Events classification number. However, ropers that win a qualifying spot, thru the Premier Timed Events qualifier, will compete at The Patriot under their TRIAD Number.

Contestants must be an active member of The Patriot/TRIAD system before The Patriot Event starts. One can however, compete in the Premier Timed Events’ qualifier before you activate your membership with The Patriot/TRIAD.

Upon qualifying for The Patriot, thru Premier Timed Events, contestants will be required to compete at The Patriot Event with the partner they qualified with in the Premier Timed Events’ roping.


Premier Timed Events is an online video based jackpot. Please make sure you are familiar with all of our rules and requirements in the entry process. All Premier rules apply for The Patriot qualifiers we are producing. This information can be found on the following link Team Roping Rules. We are a new concept, but a very simple process!

We are excited to provide an opportunity for team ropers all around the world to qualify for such a reputable event in The Patriot Event.